• Gottwald HPK 6500 B Floating Harbor Crane

Midstream Operations

Coastal Cargo has added a Gottwald HPK 6500 B Floating Harbor Crane now operational in the Port of New Orleans at Louisiana Avenue Wharf.

This crane, “The Elisa A”, has the diverse capability of handling various bulk, breakbulk and heavy lift cargos and can operate midstream from Mile Marker 70 to Mile Marker 235.

Equipped with a 360-degree turning radius cab and 9 grabs ranging from 6 – 52 cubic yards, the Elisa A utilizes both remote and motorized grabs.

  • Heavy Lift Capacity – 24.9 m/t – 120 m/t
  • Grab Lift Capacity – 23.1 m/t – 50 m/t
  • Boom Radius – 11 m – 51 m

The Elisa A joins the Captain Jim Floating Crane. This duo adds to Coastal Cargo’s versatility and discharging capabilities.