Coastal Cargo grew out of the amalgamation of two New Orleans companies, both with rich histories in the storing and handling of coffee.  Today, it is one of very few waterfront operators left in the United States that are still an independent, family-owned and operated business.  This independence allows Coastal Cargo to be flexible and responsive to the market, which is of extraordinary value during periods of market turmoil.  Coastal Cargo continues to invest in both its human and equipment resources to ensure strategic advantage and bolster its position as a premier operator in New Orleans.  With roots in the stevedoring and marine terminal industry going back to more than a century, Coastal Cargo holds a strong position in the Gulf market, and the reputation of being one of the best stevedores / terminal and warehouse operators in the region.

Coastal Cargo Today

Coastal Cargo Company, LLC is privately-owned and operated company located in New Orleans. With almost a century’s worth of experience in the transportation industry, we provide portside services as terminal operators and stevedores, specializing in the handling of metals, plywood, alloys, ro-ro, project cargo, bulk and break-bulk cargos.

Our services extend to warehouse operations and management, along with transloading bulk cargo onto rail. Utilizing our highly experienced workforce, what sets Coastal Cargo apart isn’t just the unmatched breadth and depth of services to our clients, it is the quality work we provide every day.

On the waterfront, things move quickly when everyone pulls in the same direction at the same time towards a common goal. It’s this knowledge of efficiency that is an integral part of the Coastal Cargo’s practice of business.